japanese dinner at shoya

25 Apr

During my last weekend in Melbourne, I was able to catch up with my friend’s aunts and families over dinner. My friend introduced me to them when she visited me here and from then on, I always felt that they treat me as part of their family. 🙂 So I made sure that before I go, I’ll meet them up for dinner or lunch. I was just glad that they were available that weekend so we can eat our meal in no rush. 😉

At first, we were supposed to go to a Thai place but on the last minute, they decided to change the venue to a Japanese restaurant in the CBD called Shoya. I wasn’t picky with the food to eat so anything is alright with me. 🙂

The ambiance at Shoya was really nice; reminded me of a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines called Seryna (which reminded me that it’s been na while since I was last there!). We ordered a lot for entree and even I was shocked by the amount of food that we ordered! One of my friend’s aunts was constantly raving about the kani ravioli so we had to give it a try. 🙂 Other dishes that we ordered for the entree were sushi sashimi moriawase, ebi tenmaki and spicy tuna roll. 🙂 I had one of the kani ravioli and I thought it was just ok. I mean, there was no standout flavour in the dish and there was no sauce to begin with. But I totally loooove the sushi, sashimi and maki samplers! 😀 I had a couple and everything was totally fresh! The raw tuna and salmon were so tender and it doesn’t have any fishy after taste. 🙂 Good quality sashimi!

For mains, I ordered the maguro (tuna) steak. I had a hard time choosing which one to order because everything seemed so yummy! 😀 But I decided to give the tuna steak a try since I was intrigued with the sauce that comes with it. 🙂  When our mains arrived, was really happy with my fish 🙂 The sauce accompanied the fish real well and the added pine nuts gave it a different texture. Each piece of tuna was wrapped with nori sheets so it was like a sushi-steak meal 😀 The sauce gave it a light touch of sweet and sour taste which was pleasing to eat with the fish. I was pretty happy with my meal until the poached salmon. One of my friend’s aunt ordered the poached salmon (which I wasn’t able to table a photo of) but I tried it out and oh my! It literally melted in my mouth!! 😀 After trying the salmon, I wanted to trade plates with her! LOL Too bad I can’t go back to Shoya anymore so I can order the poached salmon for myself 😦

Once we finished with our mains, the hubbies were in a hurry as it was a bit late so we were ready to skip desserts. But the kids gave that long sad face, so who can say no to that? :p For dessert, I had the black sesame ice cream. It was a simple dessert but really yummy! The ice cream wasn’t too sweet so I enjoyed every spoonful. It was a good, light dessert after all the food we ate.

Had a blast with my dinner at Shoya! Food was lovely and everything was so fresh! Really worth your money. It’s a bit pricey but for that dining experience, I’d be happy to pay for that amount. 🙂 Service was good, too. The waitress can’t speak too much english but I can see that she was reeaaallly trying her best to give her best service, so I’d commend her for that 🙂

Shoya Nouvelle Wafu Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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