must eat cake at acland st

2 Apr

Last weekend, I went with friends to go cake hopping. 😀 That’s the term we used since we plan to go out and try different cake cafes around Acland St. My friend recommended this place to do this since she has been in the area and saw the lovely display of cakes. But wasn’t able to eat any because she was too full to eat that time.

So our afternoon of chit chatting and cake eating began. I got really excited especially when I saw the wide display of cakes. My friend was right, cakes really looked yum…and sinful! Just looking at the thick cream and custard filling on some of the cakes…ooh I can feel the additional calorie intake I’ll get that day.

We began our journey with a cafe called Le Bon. We got enticed to try it out because of the strawberry and vanilla slice we saw on display. Once we entered the cafe, the sweet aroma of freshly made cakes filled us. 🙂 The kind old lady behind the counter immediately asked us for our orders and she was really lovely. So we ordered two slices of cakes: strawberry and vanilla and a black forest. We decided to share cakes cos we figured that if we wanted to try out different cakes, we can’t do single orders each.

The strawberry and vanilla slice was heaven! 😀 Each slice was filled with the smooth and creamy custard. The thin strawberry jam spread in between the crunchy filo pastry gave the cake a bit of sourness that works real well with the light sweetness of the filling. The black forest slice was equally lovely, too! 😀 Normally I get a bit off with black forest because I find it too rich and have that strong cherry flavoured sweetness (almost tastes like cough syrup), but this cake didn’t have any of those. It had that lovely smooth cream topped off with chocolate flakes, which would’ve been better if there’s a bit more. 😉

We were pretty full with out first set of cakes but we decided to hop on to a different cafe. Our next stop was called Monarch. Now, this cafe was famous for it’s kooglhoupf cakes. These cakes are like donuts turned upside down. It’s really intriguing how it tastes like since it’s like a favourite in this cafe. So we decided to order a baby kugul cake and the 100 year old polish cheesecake. We were joking that we hope that it was the recipe that was 100 year old (so it is tried and tested thru time, and not the cream cheese used :p)

I was a bit skeptical with the service because the waitress always mistook us for a different table and kept on giving us coffees (even if we didn’t order any). I am not sure if it has been a long day already but they seemed a bit absent-minded. Since the baby kugul cake needs to be warmed first before serving, it took quite a while before we had our cakes. I was just hoping that they did not serve it on the wrong table :p I was excited when we got our order and sliced through the baby kugul immediately. I initially liked the soft, crumbly texture of the sponge cake but as it gets colder, it becomes more dry. 😦 I am not sure if this is really how it should be since this is my first time eating it. I am a bit disappointed with it since I got all hyped about this cake. Not sure if we were supposed to finish it as soon as it was set on our table. The 100yo baked cheesecake was our redeeming factor! 😀 It was light and refreshing; which is really a surprise because cheesecake’s normally a very heavy dessert. The hint of lime gave a delicate acidity to the cake. Would’ve loved if the base was a bit crunchier (it was a bit too moist) but overall, that cake was a winner 🙂

We were really having fun eating cakes and chatting that we did not realise that time just passed by. Even if we wanted to try another cake cafe, there’s no room for that since we were pretty full and we wanted to have some coffee. After Monarch, we transferred to a cafe called 95 Espresso. We thought it was a good choice because there was a sign outside saying that the cafe was voted as one of the best cafes. 🙂 Service was really quick and attentive. We were immediately seated and we thought it was a cute advertisement that if we check-in on facebook, they will give us 50c off our coffee. 🙂 Everybody checked-in immediately LOL

I liked my coffee; I think there was enough coffee in it and gave it a subtle hint of bitterness, which I liked 🙂 It wasn’t too milky even if it appeared to be really light in colour. I also loved the fact that the service was really attentive. We stayed for a couple more minutes after finishing off our coffee and they were quick to get our empty glasses and asked if we needed another order or some water.  😉 I hope that they are always like that.

So after all that cake tasting, catching up and really nice cup of coffee, my afternoon ended. But I left Acland St reaaaally satisfied 😀 Wouldn’t mind to go back again and maybe try to have a proper meal or go back for the cakes.

Le Bon Continental Cake Shop on Urbanspoon Monarch Cakes on Urbanspoon 95 Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon


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